How to pick lottery numbers and why it’s important

How to choose lottery numbers and why it is important

Many lotto fans face this weekly dilemma: which lottery numbers should they choose?

Some people love to look at the statistics and try to predict the numbers using recent trends. Others like to choose special dates, while others just leave it up to the chance.

Every ticket has the chance to win, but there are key points that every punter should consider when selecting lottery numbers.

Record Irish Lotto jackpot

The recent Irish Lottery Jackpot is an interesting case to consider when deciding which lottery ticket numbers you should choose.

After rolling over for seven months, the record Irish Lottery Jackpot was finally won on January 15, 2022. It had been worth an amazing EUR19.1million (PS16.1million) and it was finally won. One ticket won the jackpot.

The lottery attracted a lot of attention in the media and some members of the Irish Parliament called for an investigation into the reasons why the jackpot took so long to reach their hands.

The lottery’s organisers changed the rules to include a “must win” draw. This meant that if six numbers in the jackpot didn’t match, the jackpot would be rolled down to the lower prize levels.

The Irish National Lottery website crashed due to unprecedented lottery interest. It is believed that as many as 5.2 million tickets for the Irish Lottery’s historic draw were sold, nearly the same number of tickets sold by the entire Irish population, or even more.

If less than 4.75million people tried their luck, the lottery organisers would have lost money.

The chances of someone winning the jackpot are higher if there are more tickets. This is exactly what happened.

There is a greater chance that prizes will be shared if punters choose the same lottery numbers.

You can choose your numbers by chance, which is fine. However, if you decide to pick your numbers from a random selection, it’s best to think about which numbers you should avoid.

While the odds of winning any prize in Irish Lottery are 1 to 29 per line, each ticket has 2 lines which makes it 2 in 29, or 7 percent.

The draw was held on January 15th, with 357,389 winners. 250 people matched five numbers, and there were 149 winners of the draw who matched five plus the bonus ball.

Due to the large number of tickets purchased, the numbers of winners for second prizes were much higher than usual.

The following Irish Lottery draw saw a total of 310-330,000 tickets being sold. This represents just 6%-7% of all tickets sold.

Matching five numbers and the bonus ball has odds of 1 in 1,789 596. Yet, 149 people were able to choose 23 to be the bonus ball. This is a 15-fold increase over the number statisticians expected to pick 23 if they were randomly picking.

John Ferguson, NUI Galway, asked the question: “How likely is this if players pick numbers randomly?” It is both impossible and extremely unlikely that this would happen. It seems that many people love the number 23.

Ferguson says that picking combinations that are not picked by other players is the best strategy to increase your chances of winning lottery balls.

Eamon Toland, a mathematician, says the same thing: “There’s nothing players can do that will increase their chances of winning… but they can reduce their chances of sharing in the jackpot.”

Avoid patterns and numbers that are popular

Avoid popular numbers, especially those below 31, to reduce your chance of winning a jackpot.

You can limit your selections to numbers below 31 if you choose lottery numbers based upon dates that are very special to you. These are the most popular numbers.

These numbers are drawn often, but the goal is to not share a prize. A mix of numbers would be better, such as odd and even numbers and low to high numbers, especially if you are over 31.

Avoid picking numbers in patterns. These are common picks.

Lottoland can increase your chances of winning

You can be sure you won’t share the prize if you select the NumberShield option while you place your online bets on the Irish Lottery with Lottoland.

NumberShield, a unique feature of Lottoland, allows you to block numbers that you choose so that no one else has them.

You can also use QuickPick to choose random numbers.

Lottoland will ensure you never forget your numbers or miss out on a big jackpot on the Irish Lottery. You can choose to subscribe to be entered into the draw at the draw date of your choice for a period of one to 52 weeks.

If the Irish Lottery jackpot exceeds PS1 million, you can choose to place an automatic bet.

You can also win twice the jackpot prize by betting online on the Irish Lottery with Lottoland.

The odds of winning the Irish Lottery Jackpot are 1 in 10,737 573 – less than the odds for the UK National Lottery at 1 in 45,057 474 or EuroMillions at 1 In 139,838,160.

It would be wise to heed the sound advice from statisticians and mathematicians if you decide to place a bet on the Irish Lottery.

The most important thing to remember when picking your lottery numbers is not the numbers that will be drawn. They all have the same chance of being drawn but the most popular numbers. How to Pick Lottery Numbers