Casino Gambling Basics

Casino Gambling Basics

Casino gambling was a popular American pastime. It was synonymous with glamour and glitz. Many were afraid to visit the gambling capital of the country because of its underworld connections. However, the boundaries are not yet set. Las Vegas has a clean image thanks to its corporate ownership and large themed resorts that are designed to draw whole families.

Casinos are now commonplace in the United States. Since 1978, Atlantic City has seen casino gambling. Riverboat casinos have been opened in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. All-slots casinos in Pennsylvania are still awaiting approval. There are two low-land-based casinos in Colorado and South Dakota. New Orleans also has one large, full-service land-based casino. Native American tribes also bring casino gambling to large swathes of the United States. Arizona, California and Connecticut have opened tribal casinos or bingo halls in Arizona, California.

According to a 2005 survey, the number of casino visits made by Americans in 2005 was 319 million. This is seven times more than the 1990 figure. People visited casinos more than they attended major league baseball games, or any other professional sporting event — and even more than they attended arena concerts. It seems that casino gambling has become a national pastime in America.

All segments of the population can visit casinos: 55 percent have some college degree, 45 percent have a job in the white-collar sector, 25 percent work in blue-collar and 17 percent are retired. Blue-collar workers are more prevalent in newer areas.

You might be thinking about joining the casino gambling community, but aren’t sure what the rules are. How do you obtain betting chips? What is the minimum amount you should tip the dealer? What is a “comp”? This article will answer all your questions about casino gambling. Let’s start by giving you some background information that will help you decide whether casino gambling is right to you.

Are You a Winner?

Let’s face it, casino gambling should be enjoyed as entertainment. The casinos will win the long-term — resort hotels and riverboats don’t have to make a killing by giving away money to players.

Blackjack has odds that change as cards are dealt, but casino games have a fixed mathematical advantage in favor of the house, except for that game. Roulette, for example, has 38 numbers, including 0 and 00. The simplest example is that a player can place a bet on any of the 38 numbers. The payout for a winning bet is 35-1. This means that the player receives his original wager back and 35 times his winnings. The odds of winning would be exactly the same if there was no 0 and 00. However, these numbers are added to make the true odds 37-1. The house has a 5.26 percent edge in roulette by paying less than the true odds.

Does this mean that it is hopeless for the player and that the house will always win? There would not be any winners if there weren’t customers. The casino will eventually make a profit and the percentage will continue to hold steady. However, the results are often different from the norm in the short-term. Casino games have narrow house advantages that can produce winners every day.

To maximize your chances of winning and limit your losses, players must be familiar with the rules before they can begin to play. If a blackjack player doesn’t know the rules, the totals that the dealer must hit or stand on, or the basic strategy of play, it might be better to just send the casino a check. A craps player might place bets that give the house a 16.67% edge when there are bets available at the same tables that limit the house advantage down to.6 percent.

You’ll be more successful if you learn the best and avoid the worst bets. You must remember that the house edge will sometimes reduce your winnings, regardless of how good you play.

Gambling is called that for a reason. If you feel you are ready to take on the excitement and risk, then continue to the next section. Here you will find the tips and guidelines that will allow you to blend seamlessly with some of the most skilled gamblers. CASINOS – A BASIC KNOWLEDGE