8 Interesting Stories of People Who Became Millionaires

8 Stories from Millionaires: These are 8 interesting stories


How do you make money? Although there are thousands of possible ways, I believe they can all be combined into eight basic strategies.

Here are amazing and interesting stories about people who have become millionaires using each strategy.

Here’s a quick overview of each success, along with a brief description of how difficult or easy it would be to replicate them.


1. Play the Lotto

Many people who play the lottery hope to win the jackpot only once. Joan Ginther of Las Vegas won the Texas Lottery four times in 17 years. The total amount she won was $20 million. She is truly the luckiest lottery winner in history.

Success numbers: There are less chances of winning the lottery than 0.00002 percent. The mathematical probability of being struck by lightning is much higher than that of winning the lottery, which is 0.0001 per cent. Still, you can try. But don’t let your hopes down.

2. A fortune can be yours

Some people are fortunate to be born into wealthy families. Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah from Brunei, as well as many other royalties all over the globe, is one of these people. This lucky group also includes the children of billionaires, business tycoons, and their grandchildren.

Statistics: Only 1% of the Philippine populace belongs to the highest-income AB Class. Chances of inheriting a fortune if you don’t belong to the AB Class are low if you do not have a family that is part of it.

3. Get married to make money

Melania Knauss, a Slovenian-slut model, was married to Donald Trump in 2005. She became Trump’s third wife. Is it love or money she got married to? She will have to answer that question, but Trump did it safely with a prenuptial arrangement.

Success numbers: Around 1 percent of world’s households are millionaires, according to reports. That’s your chance of ever meeting one. This is a rough estimate of the probability that they will marry you.

4. As an employee of a large company

Dorothy McGivney applied back in 2003 for a position at Google. In addition to her salary, she was also eligible for stock options.

In 2007, when she was forced to resign from the company, she sold her Google share. This amount exceeded $7 million.